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Baltimore prosecutors drop some cases involving officer accused of planting evidence

This still from body camera footage captured by Officer Richard Pinheiro in January shows him holding a bag with drugs he found inside a can in a vacant Baltimore lot - a can Pinheiro himself apparently planted based on body camera footage seconds earlier.

Baltimore city prosecutors on Wednesday dismissed some of the cases involving an officer apparently caught on his own body camera planting drugs that resulted in a criminal arrest as the public defender’s office asked for an accounting of more than ...

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Lawyer appeals OPD’s October action, in which six men lost their jobs

While the Maryland Office of the Public Defender celebrated its 40th anniversary with a party last Wednesday, another group of attorneys held an alternative, slightly more informal gathering at an Irish bar downtown, in what they called an “anti-gala.”

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Bill to change public defender law advances

ANNAPOLIS — Measures advanced in both legislative chambers Tuesday that would repeal a Maryland law requiring that poor defendants have a public defender present when district court commissioners are setting their bail. The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled earlier this ...

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Top 5 law stories of the year

A half-million-dollar verdict from January was the most-viewed legal affairs story on The Daily Record’s website in 2011. Readers also flocked to stories about the legal troubles surrounding the Baltimore Grand Prix, personnel changes in the public defender’s office and ...

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CSA: State must honor witnesses’ rights

A Maryland appellate court has criticized Baltimore prosecutors and a judge for ignoring rules designed to protect reluctant witnesses who must be jailed to make sure they appear for trial. The intermediate Court of Special Appeals said prosecutors and the ...

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Court of Appeals hears lawyers-at-bail case

Maryland’s top court appears poised to extend to criminal defendants the right to be represented by counsel at initial bail hearings. However, during oral arguments on the issue Tuesday, the Court of Appeals said little to resolve the Office of ...

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