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Opinions – 9/10/14: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Roger Goodell

Administrative Law Driving with suspended license  BOTTOM LINE: Evidence was sufficient to convict defendant of driving with a suspended license even without evidence that she had actual knowledge of the suspension; based on the previous suspensions of defendant’s license and ...

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Opinions – 4/10/14: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Evidence Confrontation Clause  BOTTOM LINE: The trial court did not violate defendant’s right of confrontation by admitting into evidence assistant medical examiner’s autopsy report through the testimony of the supervising medical examiner because, even though the person who performed the ...

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Opinions – 4/3/14: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Civil Procedure Default  BOTTOM LINE: Defendant was not entitled to a default judgment against plaintiff for failure to answer defendant’s counterclaim because defendant did not show a substantial and sufficient controversy as to the merits, plaintiff’s failure to plead was ...

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Law digest – 3/20/14

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Procedure, De facto arrest: When police detained and transported defendant to the police station in an ongoing criminal investigation for the limited purpose of executing a warrant for his DNA and fingerprints, the three-hour delay ...

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