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Court of Appeals overturns Lupfer murder conviction

Maryland’s top court has held that a defendant’s testimony of his pre-arrest intentions to cooperate with police did not “open the door” enough to allow prosecutors to question him about his post-arrest, post-Miranda silence. Monday’s opinion from the Court of ...

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Convicted murderer’s sentence overturned

Maryland’s top court has unanimously overturned the first-degree murder conviction of a woman serving a life sentence in the 2007 slaying of her boyfriend in Baltimore. The Court of Appeals ruled Friday that police improperly questioned Juanita Robinson before telling ...

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Court of Appeals overturns reckless-endangerment conviction

Judges must tell jurors they may infer a criminal defendant’s innocence from the state’s destruction or misplacement of critical evidence in the case, Maryland’s top court ruled unanimously Friday. The Court of Appeals, in its 7-0 decision, overturned the reckless-endangerment ...

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