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Md. high court weighs juvenile lifers’ right to counsel at parole hearing

Convicts sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed as juveniles have a constitutional right to counsel at parole hearings to ensure they have a “meaningful opportunity” to make their case for early release, a public defender argued to Maryland’s ...

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Attempted killer appeals plea deal, cites ‘misadvice’ on Maryland governor’s role

A man who pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder in the beating and fiery mutilation of an Eastern Shore housemate has urged a federal appeals court to rescind his plea and 40-year prison sentence.

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Md. General Assembly strips governor of parole decisions

With just hours left in its 2021 session, the Democratic-led General Assembly on Monday approved legislation to strip Maryland governors of the final say in parole decisions for inmates sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. The ...

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Senate bill would increase time before lifers are eligible for parole

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland’s chief local prosecutors pressed a Senate committee Tuesday to correct what they called a quirk in the state’s sentencing law that enables life-sentenced first-degree murderers or rapists to become eligible for parole after spending less time in ...

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Md. high court draws parole eligibility line at resentencing

A criminal defendant’s resentencing after a successful appeal can lawfully result in the same period of incarceration, Maryland’s top court has unanimously ruled. However, the same post-appeal prison sentence cannot be coupled with an increase in the time the defendant ...

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