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Morrissey bans ‘blue line’ imagery on district court judges, staff apparel

Maryland District Court Chief Judge John P. Morrissey has told his fellow jurists and court staff not to wear any apparel that displays the “blue line” of support for law enforcement while they are on duty or on court property, ...

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Prosecutors, police among those joining call for juveniles’ release

Current and former prosecutors, police and youth justice agents from outside Maryland came out this week in support of the state public defender’s call for judges to release all detained and incarcerated juveniles who do not pose an immediate threat ...

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Appointed Attorneys Program has provided counsel to thousands

In 2013, when Maryland’s highest court recognized people’s constitutional right to have an attorney present at their initial court appearance, officials had to make that right a reality – and find a way to pay for it. They were frantic. ...

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Public defender bill dies in House of Delegates

The Senate has passed controversial legislation that would require the public defender’s office to have a second person review a defendant’s application for free legal assistance once they have posted bond or were released on their own recognizance.

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