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Tag Archives: Paul Mark Sandler

The long arm of arbitration agreements (access required)

You might be surprised to learn that, in certain circumstances, nonsignatories to a contract containing an arbitration clause may be forced to arbitrate. But that’s the law. I would like to share this with you, as reported by one of ...

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Deposition trouble? No fear, the deus ex machina is here. (access required)

The unpredictability of a witness’ testimony hangs like a cloud over the most confident trial lawyers. The cloud darkens when contemplating the mistakes of your own witness; experiencing them at deposition can be like a thunderstorm in your mind. Imagine ...

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Part IV: On social media searches of jurors (access required)

We return to the hypothetical case of Smith v. Jones. Counsel for the state has concluded their argument against allowing social media searches of the venire, as well as jury members both during and after trial. The judge is about ...

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