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Tips for young lawyers for a fulfilling career (access required)

Welcome back as we continue our discussion regarding young lawyers and how to lay the groundwork for a successful career in the legal profession. In this second installment, I shall offer tips that deal with conduct in the office and ...

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Paul Mark Sandler: Using emotion in the courtroom (access required)

(Last of three parts) As logic is a powerful instrument of persuasion, so, too, is emotion. Since ancient times, harbored feelings such as passion, anger, pity, sympathy, happiness, and even indifference have played a significant role in decision-making by both ...

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Logic and inductive reasoning (access required)

(Second of two parts) We continue our discussion of logic by considering inductive reasoning. When Robinson Crusoe washed up on the shore of Island Más a Tierra, he believed there were no other human inhabitants –until he saw a human ...

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