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New York mayor tops $1B in gifts to Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins University says New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $350 million pledge is the largest gift it has ever received. The university announced the commitment late Saturday. It said the money will be used mainly to expand Hopkins’ interdisciplinary ...

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The Daily Record honors the 2012 Influential Marylanders

The Daily Record honored 50 people Thursday night as Influential Marylanders. The winners, selected by The Daily Record's editors, were chosen for having made truly significant impacts in their fields and continuing to be leaders in the state. Winners were selected in the following categories: Civic leadership, communications, education, finance, freestyle, health care, law, philanthropy, real estate and technology.

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Marianne D. Fishler: In this economy, more risk may be necessary

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced that short-term interest rates will remain low (near 0 percent) through the end of 2014. Is this good or bad? As with most things, it depends. The bad news is that the reason ...

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Betsy Nelson: Recognizing our role models in philanthropy

Each November the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) celebrates National Philanthropy Day to recognize the extraordinary impact of the charitable sector and the increasing role it plays in our society and countries around the world. Billions of dollars are given ...

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