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plan b

Jun 28, 2016

Supreme Court rejects pharmacists’ religious rights appeal

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is allowing Washington state to require pharmacies to dispense Plan B or other emergency contraceptives, rejecting an appeal from pharmacists who said they have religious objections to providing the drugs. The justices’ order on Tuesday leaves in place rules first adopted in 2007 following reports that some women had been […]

Jun 25, 2013

‘B’ prepared

Plan Bs are the essence of negotiation and what separates a working agreement from crossed fingers and a prayer.

Feb 9, 2012

Pepsico to cut 8,700 jobs; 4Q net rises

NEW YORK — PepsiCo is trying to put some fizz back into its business. The food and drinks maker announced a restructuring on Thursday that includes cutting 8,700 jobs globally and plowing money into advertising drinks like Pepsi and Mountain Dew in North America. Pepsi announced its cost-cutting plan Thursday as it reported better-than-expected fourth-quarter […]

Dec 7, 2011

HHS says no to over-the-counter morning-after pill

WASHINGTON — The U.S. health secretary stopped the Plan B morning-after pill from moving onto drugstore shelves next to the condoms, deciding in a surprise move Wednesday that young girls should not be able to buy it on their own. The Food and Drug Administration was preparing to lift a controversial age limit and make […]

Dec 7, 2011

FDA debates over-the-counter morning-after pill

WASHINGTON — The government is considering whether it’s OK for young teenagers to buy the morning-after pill without a prescription. Teva Pharmaceuticals wants its Plan B morning-after pill to become the first truly over-the-counter form of emergency contraception. The pill can prevent pregnancy if taken soon after unprotected sex. Currently, women 17 and older can […]

Apr 7, 2011

Editorial: Broadband Plan B

The word from Google finally came down last week, and for Baltimore it was disappointing: The California Internet giant picked Kansas City, Kan., as the beta site for an ultra-fast broadband network designed to increase Web access for residents and businesses. Obviously it would have been a windfall of gigantic proportions if Google had decided […]

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