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Bernanke defends Fed’s aggressive policies

WASHINGTON — Chairman Ben Bernanke offered a wide-ranging defense Monday of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive policies to stimulate the still-weak economy. The Fed needs to drive down long-term borrowing rates because the economy isn’t growing fast enough to reduce high ...

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In-house counsel grapple with social media policies

In an effort to protect the company online, in-house lawyers are being asked to draft policies that restrict social media use in the workplace — but not so much that they run afoul of guidance by the National Labor Relations ...

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Report tracks Baltimore police response to Select Lounge shootings

In the wake of the police-involved shootings that left an officer and a patron dead at the Select Lounge in Baltimore on Jan. 9, 2011, an independent review board found 20 deficiencies ranging from insufficient lethal force training and plainclothes ...

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FDA launches website to address company questions

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration is launching a website explaining its regulations to companies as part of a broader effort to rebrand itself as a more transparent, accessible agency. The website, dubbed “FDA Basics for Industry,” features answers ...

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