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Report says poor are moving to nation’s suburbs

LOS ANGELES — A new report shows more poor people have moved to the nation’s suburbs, outnumbering those in urban areas. The Brookings Institution study released Monday says those in poverty living in suburbs jumped 67 percent between 2000 and ...

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Joe Surkiewicz: Legal help for Asian-Americans

The myth: Asian-Americans, the fastest-growing immigrant group in the U.S., are uniformly wealthy, well-educated and well-assimilated into American culture. The reality? It’s very different: Nearly three-quarters of Asian-Americans are immigrants, more than a third speak English less than well, one ...

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University of Baltimore law students take the food stamp challenge

Some University of Baltimore law students inadvertently put one foot in the real world last fall when they signed up for the Law and Poverty Seminar. In addition to reading case law related to poverty, they were required to get ...

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Rich-county, poor-county gap widens in Md.

Maryland was one of three states to show increasing inequality in income distribution between 2008 and 2009, although the gap between rich and poor areas stayed the same nationally, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday. Howard County had the state’s highest ...

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