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Aug 2, 2018

Letter to the editor: Achieving affordable health care for Marylanders

Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative commends Maryland for taking this important step forward.

Aug 1, 2018

Don’t expect to see many ‘Trumpcare’ health insurance policies in Md.

The Trump administration on Wednesday cleared the way for insurers to sell short-term health plans as a bargain alternative to pricey Obama-law policies for people struggling with high premiums.

Oct 10, 2014

Small-group health premiums will vary next year

Marylanders who get their health insurance from a small-business employer might see their premiums rise next year, but some will see decreases.

Aug 22, 2014

Premiums to rise for many Marylanders

Many Marylanders with individual health insurance plans won’t be happy when their first bill for 2015 arrives, but others will be pleasantly surprised by lower premiums.

Jun 6, 2014

Some health insurers want steep premium hikes; others seek reductions

Some Marylanders with individual health insurance policies could pay as much as 30.2 percent more in premiums next year while others may enjoy reductions.

Dec 18, 2013

Insurers allow more time to pay under health law

WASHINGTON — Consumers anxious over tight insurance deadlines and lingering computer problems during the holidays will get extra time to pay their premiums under President Barack Obama’s health care law, insurers announced Wednesday. The board of the industry’s biggest trade group — America’s Health Insurance Plans — said consumers who select a plan by Dec. […]

Jul 19, 2013

Insurance premiums to decline; or will they?

Premiums for certain health insurance plans in certain markets in certain states might be lower in 2014 than originally expected — maybe.

Sep 11, 2012

Health insurance premiums up 4% this year

WASHINGTON — Annual premiums for job-based family health insurance went up just 4 percent this year, but that’s no comfort with the price tag approaching $16,000 and rising more than twice as fast as wages. The annual survey released Tuesday by two major research groups served as a glaring reminder that the nation’s problem of […]

Sep 11, 2012

Premiums for family health plans hit $15,745

WASHINGTON — It sounds like good news: Annual premiums for job-based family health plans went up only 4 percent this year. But hang on to your wallets. Premiums averaged $15,745, with employees paying more than $4,300 of that, a glaring reminder that the nation’s problem of unaffordable medical care is anything but solved. The annual […]

Jul 10, 2012

Health care options for young, healthy and broke

WASHINGTON — They’re young, healthy and flat broke — and now the government says they have to buy thousands of dollars’ worth of medical insurance. What should tapped-out twentysomethings do? Well, some may just do nothing. The annual fine for shrugging off the new federal insurance requirement, which is to begin in 2014, starts out […]

Dec 20, 2011

Commissioner wins premium finance case

The Maryland Insurance Administration’s authority over premium financing companies got a boost Tuesday from the state’s highest court, which found the commissioner has implied power to issue cease-and-desist orders against companies that charge too much interest on Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund policies. The Court of Appeals also rejected the companies’ claims that their challenge to [&[...]

Nov 20, 2011

Robert Nusgart: Congress needs to take action to save FHA

Since the mortgage meltdown four years ago, the Federal Housing Administration has been the last refuge for those home buyers who could only afford a small down payment to get into a home. It was the last refuge for home buyers who didn’t have an impeccable credit score to qualify for a mortgage. It was […]

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