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Apple shares retreat after rare earnings miss

NEW YORK — Apple’s stock fell Wednesday after the company did something un-Apple-like: posting results below Wall Street expectations. Late Tuesday, Apple Inc. reported that in the latest quarter, earnings rose a mere 21 percent from the year before, not ...

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Airline fare increase looking like it will stick

DALLAS — Get ready to spend more on travel. Airlines are raising ticket prices again after a four-month lull that coincided with falling fuel costs. Over the weekend, several big airlines matched United Airlines’ increase in base fares of up ...

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Realities of Real Estate: It only takes one

On several occasions, we’ve written about various strategies associated with the marketing of real estate. Many of the marketing principles are the same as what are used to sell many other products. Specifically, we noted the importance of Price, Positioning ...

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GlaxoSmithKline in takeover bid for Human Genome

LONDON — GlaxoSmithKline PLC has made an offer to take over Rockville-based drug maker Human Genome Sciences Inc. which values the company at nearly $2.6 billion. GlaxoSmithKline, which has profit-sharing agreements with HGS on three drugs but a minimal shareholding, ...

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Realities of Real Estate: Major changes in real estate

Over the past decade, we have witnessed changes in the real estate industry that literally dwarf any previous adjustments to the nature of this business. Both prices and volume went through the largest rise and fall of any previous point ...

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