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Joe Nathanson: Teleworking slow to catch on in Baltimore

With gasoline prices still bouncing around in the $3.75 to $4 per gallon range, area commuters are once again considering their alternatives. Carpooling and vanpooling, which offers a trade-off of cost sharing for more limited schedule flexibility, might be getting ...

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Robert Nusgart: Home prices, rates, loan limits moving lower

This week we learned that mortgage rates are moving lower, housing prices nationally are moving lower and FHA loan limits are gearing to move lower. So all mixed together, what does it mean as we head into summer? Obviously, low ...

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Severe housing price declines are spreading

WASHINGTON — Even cities that weathered the housing market crash with relatively little damage are suffering now. Severe price declines have spread to Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis and Cleveland, which had mostly withstood the bust in housing since 2006. The damage ...

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High-mileage car sales up as gas prices increase

DETROIT — Americans are going for smaller cars as gas prices march higher. New models that get 35 mpg or better, including the Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra and Ford Focus, led most major automakers to stronger April sales. Even buyers ...

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Gasoline pushes up March wholesale prices

WASHINGTON — A spike in the cost of gasoline pushed wholesale prices higher in March, a trend that could limit consumer spending in the coming months. Still, most economists don’t expect that will lead to widespread inflation because businesses are ...

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