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Social media rules revised for Md. prison jobs

HAGERSTOWN — Maryland’s prison agency said Wednesday it will no longer ask prospective correctional officers for the keys to their social media accounts after the American Civil Liberties Union complained that requiring job applicants to divulge Facebook usernames and passwords ...

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Citizen recalls ‘humiliating’ post-9/11 arrest

LOS ANGELES — Handcuffed and marched through Washington’s Dulles International Airport in his Muslim clothing, the man with the long, dark beard could only imagine what people were thinking. That scene unfolded in March 2003, a year and a half ...

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Court considers whether or not higher drug sentence applies beyond crack cases

WASHINGTON — For years, a federal statute imposed a minimum penalty that was 100 times higher for offenses involving “cocaine base” than for powder cocaine offenses. Though that law has been changed to reduce the disparity, the U.S. Supreme Court ...

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Court seems likely to let jilted wife appeal

WASHINGTON — Like a storyline from a tawdry soap opera, a jilted wife tried to poison her husband’s pregnant lover by spreading toxic chemicals around the woman’s house and car. But after Carol Anne Bond put some in a mailbox, ...

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Appeals court nixes release of Gitmo detainee

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Tuesday vacated the release of a detainee still at Guantanamo Bay who says he was tortured into falsely confessing that he was part of al-Qaida. U.S. officials say Saeed Hatim of Yemen acknowledged ...

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