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Craig A. Thompson: Producing more minority professionals

Several recent publications have highlighted the increasing importance of diversity in the workplace, with an emphasis on developing a stronger base of minorities in white-collar professions. Although balancing the corporate and legal landscape has been trending as a popular topic ...

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The Daily Record honors 20 in Their Twenties

The Daily Record held its first event honoring young professionals, 20 in Their Twenties, on Wednesday, June 29 at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The program celebrates the best and brightest under 30 who may have not earned their first million but whose creativity and spirit are already contributing to a new energy in Maryland.

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Area professionals don old gowns for night of bingo to benefit shelter

Moments after a woman in a white fedora and a hot-pink, bejeweled bridesmaid gown jumped out of her seat and yelled “Bingo!”, a group of dancing women made their way to her table, rewarding her with a large goody basket. ...

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Baltimore to host 4,000 government wonks

Baltimore will host a conference in 2018 that will bring about 4,000 local government professionals to the area. The International City/County Management Association picked the city for its annual conference Sept. 23-26, 2018. It will be the first time in ...

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