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‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters stream past millionaires’ NYC homes

NEW YORK — Hundreds of protesters, emboldened by the growing national Occupy Wall Street movement, streamed through midtown Manhattan on Tuesday in what they called a “Millionaires March.” They marched two by two up the sidewalk, planning to pass the ...

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‘Occupy Baltimore’ protesters still occupying McKeldin Square

Nearly a week after staging their first protest at McKeldin Square by the Inner Harbor, participants of "Occupy Baltimore," a group seeking change in the country's economic conditions, have kept the movement alive. With tents, hammocks, sleeping bags, food tables and even a medical center stocked with donated supplies, many seem prepared to stay for a while.

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‘Occupy Baltimore’ protest held at McKeldin Square

Members of "Occupy Baltimore," a group seeking change in the country's economic conditions, gathered at McKeldin Square by the Inner Harbor on Tuesday afternoon to stage a peaceful protest. Dozens came out to support the cause, some holding signs that read "We are the 99 percent" and "People Before Profits."

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Week in review – 8/26/11: Quake shakes Maryland without much harm

Quake shakes Md. without much harm A 5.8 magnitude earthquake sent office workers streaming onto the streets of Baltimore and other Maryland cities Tuesday afternoon. Many businesses closed early, snarling traffic. Inspectors checked buildings without finding much damage. Aftershocks also centered ...

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United Workers protest Cordish’s $3M rent break

Protesters for workers’ rights advocacy group United Workers picketed outside of the Baltimore Development Corp. office Wednesday to oppose a $3 million rent break that real estate developer The Cordish Cos. asked BDC for in exchange for making improvements to ...

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Westboro church to challenge anti-picketing laws

WASHINGTON — Emboldened by last week’s Supreme Court decision, Westboro Baptist Church attorney Margie Phelps said she will challenge statutes all over the country that restrict picketing at funerals. The court decided 8-1, with Justice Samuel Alito dissenting, that the ...

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