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Court of Appeals takes up ex-public defender’s wrongful-dismissal suit (access required)

Maryland’s top court has agreed to consider whether fired State Public Defender Nancy S. Forster can proceed with her $1 million wrongful-termination lawsuit against the state. The Court of Appeals said this month that it will hear Forster’s argument that ...

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Face-off over Maryland sex offender registration law (access required)

ANNAPOLIS — The former state public defender and an assistant attorney general clashed before Maryland’s top court Wednesday over whether a person who committed child sexual abuse in 1996 was validly required to register as a sex offender under the ...

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Lawyer’s first case to make headlines caused ‘uproar’ in courtroom (access required)

As a young lawyer 50 years ago, Stanley Silverman would regularly take court appointments, representing destitute defendants in the days before the public defender’s office. “You were flattered,” Silverman said. “A judge is trusting me to represent someone. I was ...

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The abridged narrative of a public defender (access required)

The role of an Assistant Public Defender is tough, but can be rewarding. Metaphorically speaking, to be an Assistant Public Defender, especially at first, is like landing on foreign enemy terrority with bullets flying in all directions. Inexperienced, disoriented, and unaware of your surroudnings, large caseloads, little time to prep for cases, and clients who are often incommunicado, can and have claimed many Assistant Public Defenders.

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Top court sides with trial lawyer in separate cases decided on same day (access required)

Workdays don’t get much better than the one criminal lawyer Andrew V. Jezic had last Tuesday. The Court of Appeals issued two opinions in unrelated cases Jezic had handled at trial. In each case, the court found that an error ...

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Top 5: ‘I was there to reclaim our badge’ (access required)

It was an eventful week in the city of Baltimore and in the state of Maryland, as city police announced charges against officers allegedly involved in an extortion scheme, and the same-sex marriage bill moved its way through the state ...

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