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Opinions – Court of Special Appeals: 12/12/11

Premises Liability Sovereign immunity BOTTOM LINE: Plaintiff’s slip-and-fall claim against metropolitan transit authority was barred by sovereign immunity under the discretionary function exception, because authority employees were performing discretionary acts in deciding at what time the train platforms were to ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Special Appeals: 6/20/11

Civil Procedure Contempt BOTTOM LINE: Although defendant’s appeal of the order holding her in contempt for failure to pay child support was dismissed as moot, the circuit court erred in entering the contempt order and imposing a sentence without first ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 3/28/11

Professional Responsibility Disbarment BOTTOM LINE: Disbarment was warranted for attorney who deposited his clients’ fee payments in a personal account and then abandoned his clients without refunding the fees. CASE: Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Lara, Misc. Docket AG ...

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Law digest: 3/21/11

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Civil Procedure, Continuance of trial: Trial court abused its discretion in denying a continuance of trial in order to accommodate plaintiff’s religious beliefs, which prohibited any appearance or advocacy on his behalf during a particular religious ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 3/7/11

Administrative Law Judicial review BOTTOM LINE: Meaningful judicial review was possible where the Board of Appeals summarized substantial evidence in support of its conclusory findings that the variance applicants had failed to establish that their proposed development would not adversely ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Special Appeals: 3/7/11

Criminal Procedure Reach-in searches BOTTOM LINE: Where, police partially exposed defendants’ buttocks during searches incident to their arrests, searches were reasonable because they were “reach-in” rather than strip searches. CASE: Allen v. State, Smith v. State, Nos. 1963, 1968, Sept. ...

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