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Tag Archives: Recession

The Fed gets a helping hand in bid to stimulate economy

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve last month absorbed a wave of criticism for announcing it will buy $600 billion in Treasury bonds to try to revitalize the economy. It won’t help, critics said. So when Fed officials meet Tuesday, they’re ...

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Tom Clancy buys entire penthouse level at Ritz-Carlton Residences

Operators of the posh Ritz-Carlton Residences say they have closed on 10 units since lowering prices on some apartments this summer, three of which were bought by bestselling author Tom Clancy, who now owns the entire penthouse level of one ...

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Obama: Tax deal could yield ‘millions of jobs’

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says a congressional vote on the tax-cut deal he negotiated with Republicans will determine whether the nation’s economy “moves forward or backward.” The president again pressed Congress to pass the agreement, saying it has the ...

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Obama facing tough sell in own party on tax deal

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Wednesday rejected claims that he betrayed Democrats by cutting a deal with Republicans on Bush-era tax cuts and implored his party to back the compromise, arguing it could jump-start the economy. Speaking to reporters ...

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Affordable luxury goods market eyes a comeback

NEW YORK — Few companies were clobbered harder than Starbucks in the recession. The coffee chain with outposts on every corner came to represent all that was wrong with American businesses and shoppers: unchecked expansion, self-indulgence and mindless credit-card swiping. ...

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