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Gansler to talk about ethics reforms in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler is planning to talk about proposals to improve transparency and accountability in state government. Gansler has scheduled a forum for Wednesday in Annapolis. It’s the third forum the attorney general has set as ...

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Steven I. Platt: Maryland can lead on corrections reforms

By all accounts, this has not been a good stretch of the year for the Obama administration. In fact, what columnist Ruth Marcus called an “unfortunate confluence of unfortunate events,” the Benghazi, Internal Revenue Service and Associated Press probe “scandals” will ultimately not make the first paragraph — not even the first page — of the account of the Obama Administration in the history books.

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Marc Kilmer: What now for health care reform in Maryland?

The Supreme Court found no constitutional objections to most of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or, as some prefer, “Obamacare”). The constitutional question may be settled, but the policy debate remains, at least on the state level. State policymakers are ...

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