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The next front for ground-rent reforms

This week’s Court of Appeals decision invalidating one ground-rent reform opens the door for the next stage: a separate class action brought by ground lease holders who say another recent change has made their investments worthless. In April, Anne Arundel ...

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Barry Rosen and Cynthia Shay: An unusually quiet session for health care

Other than implementing federal health care reform, which in and of itself is significant, Maryland’s 2011 General Assembly session was unusually quiet from a health care perspective. The highlight of the 2011 session is the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Act ...

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Study fuels medical malpractice reform arguments

BOSTON — As lawmakers continue to push a bill that would limit medical malpractice lawsuits, opponents are boosting their criticism of the measure, pointing to a recent study showing that hospital errors occur 10 times more frequently than previously thought. ...

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