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Aug 17, 2018

Trump asks SEC to consider ending required quarterly reports

President Donald Trump says he's asking federal regulators to consider scrapping the requirement for public companies to report quarterly results, after business executives told him twice-yearly reports would make better economic sense.

Aug 21, 2012

Questions remain on Pa. natural gas data reports

PITTSBURGH — Chesapeake Energy says that it submitted Marcellus Shale production data to a state database last week when it was due, but Pennsylvania officials still aren’t providing details of why it didn’t appear online, or saying whether a biannual report about one of the nation’s top natural gas fields is now complete. Chesapeake spokesman […]

Jan 3, 2012

Democratic Governors Association reports fundraising for 2011

ANNAPOLIS — The Democratic Governors Association chaired by Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has reported it raised more than $20 million in 2011. The DGA said Tuesday that the money raised in 2011 outpaces the $12.7 million raised in 2007. O’Malley says he is proud the DGA was able to help Democratic governors win tough races […]

Oct 19, 2011

Report tells how to keep courts running after terror attack

WASHINGTON — A new report from experts on government continuity says a terrorist attack that killed four or more Supreme Court justices would significantly hamper the ability of the entire federal judiciary to carry out its work. The authors said a diminished Supreme Court would be unable, under federal law, to rule on key issues, […]

Jul 28, 2011

Craig A. Thompson: Renewed opposition to poverty needed

A number of recent reports remind us of the need to diligently and consistently strive to restore the modest but important gains made during the Great Society campaign of the 1960s. Programs developed during that time — focusing on poverty and racial justice — helped to set the stage for transformative changes that have benefitted […]

Feb 3, 2011

Shoppers shook off snow, retailers gained in January

NEW YORK — Retailers reported surprisingly solid January revenue gains Thursday that swept away fears that snowstorms in much of the country had chilled sales. The reports, which are being compared with a respectable January 2010, offer encouraging signs that consumer spending is maintaining the momentum of the strong holiday season. Many retail chains, including […]

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