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Nov 15, 2010

House ethics panel deliberates Rangel case

WASHINGTON— Shortly after veteran Rep. Charles Rangel of New York walked out of his ethics trial in protest, a House panel began closed-door deliberations Monday on 13 counts of alleged financial and fundraising misconduct that could bring formal condemnation. Only recently one of the most powerful members of Congress, Rangel was reduced to pleading in […]

Nov 15, 2010

Obama joke about Slurpee Summit inspires 7-Eleven

Is President Barack Obama willing to risk Slurpee brainfreeze as he grapples with political gridlock? A strange but real possibility. The president’s campaign-trail attack on Republicans as Slurpee-sipping do-nothings boomeranged on him the day after the GOP won the House majority in last week’s midterm elections. He was asked if he would have likely House […]

Nov 3, 2010

Election Day was a sea of red — on Democrats, too

NEW YORK — The sea of red was undeniable: Lisa Murkowski, Carly Fiorina, Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul. Of course, we’re not talking states or party affiliations here. We’re talking wardrobe. Maintaining a longtime tradition, many politicians wore the power color red for their Election Day appearances at the polls, podiums and on TV. And it […]

Nov 2, 2010

Exit polls show economy the big worry for voters

WASHINGTON — Voters were intensely worried about the future of the economy and unhappy with the way President Barack Obama and Congress have been running things. A strong vein of disappointment ran throughout demographic groups, landing heavily on Democrats. Women — who typically lean Democratic and are vital to the party’s fortunes — split their […]

Nov 2, 2010

Republicans seek House majority, hope for wave

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans aren’t just looking to wrest control of the House from the Democrats, they’re hoping for an electoral cataclysm — a pickup of dozens of seats — to change the nation’s direction in a year marked by voters’ economic anxieties and disappointment with President Barack Obama. With GOP voters energized and tea […]

Nov 1, 2010

Political gridlock after election could hurt economy

WASHINGTON — Political gridlock is supposed to be good for business. If bickering lawmakers can’t agree on anything, the thinking goes, they can’t pass laws and regulations that make the economy worse. So will the midterm elections, which are expected to leave Congress at least partially controlled by Republicans and squaring off against a Democratic […]

Sep 7, 2010

Battle royal over health care repeal if GOP wins

WASHINGTON — If you thought passing the health care overhaul was messy, wait until Republicans try to repeal it if they regain power this fall. It could come down to who blinks first, with some Republicans raising the prospect of a government shutdown. Even if Republicans succeed beyond any current predictions and capture both the […]

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