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Court to weigh lawyers’ rights to driving records

The Supreme Court has stepped into a dispute over whether lawyers can obtain personal information from driver license records to recruit clients for lawsuits, despite a federal privacy law intended to shield motor vehicle records.

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WikiLeaks judge weighs evidence request

FORT MEADE — Military prosecutors argued Wednesday for the right to present evidence of other misconduct by an Army private charged with a massive leak of classified information to the website WikiLeaks. Prosecutors say Pfc. Bradley Manning received “corrective training” ...

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Jack L.B. Gohn: Contraception, an unrepresentative church, and unresponsive courts

At this writing we still don’t have an outcome, either regulatory or political, in the fight between the President and the bishops over the proposed mandate that employers, including Catholic hospitals and universities, offer their employees health insurance plans with ...

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SEC to require biggest traders report activity

WASHINGTON — Large traders will be required to register with the government and make available more information about their trades under a rule adopted by federal regulators Tuesday. The Securities and Exchange Commission agreed unanimously on the rule, which takes ...

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Arizona ‘birthers’ see tie to citizenship

PHOENIX — Legislation that would require proof of U.S. birth from presidential candidates is intersecting in Arizona with the question of whether U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants are entitled to automatic citizenship. The proposed legislation on documentation requirements for candidates ...

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Md. Board of Ed removes environmental education loophole

Maryland’s Board of Education revised a new environmental education requirement to remove what critics complained was a loophole that school districts could use to get around the mandate. Critics complained a change made in January would have allowed students to ...

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