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Winter Restaurant Week extended

In this unfriendly economy, how could swanky dining at discounted prices not be a home run? An e-mail from the Baltimore Area Visitors Association Thursday has alerted foodies that, due to popular demand for reservations by patrons, 46 restaurants are ...

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Still a big tipper?

In reporting on today’s story on Marylanders’ changing dining habits, I spoke to Barb G. Buehl, the president of the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce, about why Western Maryland had the highest percentage of people reporting they were dining out ...

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Eau d’BBQ

As I was writing my story on the Alabama BBQ restaurant yesterday (for today’s paper), I kept getting the faint whiff of smoky goodness that only comes from hours of roasting meat over a fire. A quick assessment revealed that ...

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Free samples!

Being a big fan of free samples — really, anything with the word “free” in it — I was pleased to read today about Starbucks offering up more drink freebies this summer in an effort to drive more traffic and ...

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