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Uncertainty = less spending this holiday season

The National Retail Federation’s most recent survey has found that more than two-thirds of consumers say the economy will affect their spending this holiday season. The survey, conducted by BIGresearch, also estimates individual spending this season will drop 3.2 percent ...

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‘Toy’ing with stocks this holiday season?

With tight budgets this holiday season, here’s one way to make yourself feel better about the upcoming spending spree — make everyone else’s spending work in your favor by investing in toys. According to a Stifel Nicolaus report this week, ...

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Linebacker sacked by memorabilia co.

Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher’s football season ended in the first quarter of the first game of the year after he dislocated his wrist. Despite early rumors the injury was career-ending, various hand specialists say Urlacher should be able to play ...

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One email marketer catches on

First, a disclaimer: I don’t send marketing emails on behalf of The Daily Record, so if any of my complaints sound familiar, please – contact our marketing person. Now then. I’ve been having some fun this summer – a little ...

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Father’s Day Weekend Guide

The holiday of golf clubs and neck ties us upon us — otherwise known as Father’s Day, of course. Over the past few days I’ve gotten a number of e-mails about Father’s Day-related items, so I decided to compile a ...

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Retail sales still sour

It appears consumers are still a little gun shy. I received two press releases this morning about spending habits and both had the same message: Just because the jobless rate has slowed and the Dow Jones has been climbing from ...

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