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Senate president presses for bill to deal with bail issue

A clearly exasperated Senate president told senators Wednesday to “work your ass off” and pass legislation this year to relieve Maryland of the financial burden that followed a 2013 Maryland high court ruling that arrested individuals have a state constitutional right to counsel at initial bail hearings.

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Bill on bail hearings gaining traction

The pretrial-reform legislation gaining the most traction in the General Assembly this session could render moot the right to counsel at initial bail hearings by eliminating the discretion of district court commissioners in deciding who is released or remanded to custody before trial.

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We will construe Mr. Limberry’s motion liberally and treat it as a petition to reopen a closed post-conviction proceeding. But that doesn’t get him very far: on that posture, he was required to file an application for leave to appeal the circuit court’s denial of his motion within thirty days, and he failed to do so.

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Bail ruling spurs quest for constitutional amendment

Sen. Robert A. "Bobby" Zirkin

Sen. Robert A. “Bobby” Zirkin on Wednesday introduced a constitutional amendment to undo the Maryland high court’s decision that people have the right to an attorney when bail is first set or denied.

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Opinions – U.S. District Court of Maryland: 5/2/11

Civil Procedure Motion to close action BOTTOM LINE: Defendant’s motion to administratively close plaintiffs’ action and terminate it with prejudice was granted; termination was not premature because the district court had resolved plaintiffs’ two pending motions. CASE: In re Alger, ...

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