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Riot-damaged Rite Aid store reopens

Rite Aid celebrated the reopening of its location on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on Tuesday after the store suffered damage during April’s riots. A spokeswoman for the company declined to provide an exact amount of the cost to repair ...

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Recovery program reaches more than 200 Baltimore businesses

The Baltimore Development Corp. has been in touch with about 200 businesses impacted by last week's riot through its recovery program so far. The Baltimore Business Recovery Initiative was launched by the corporation last week, and it sets up each impacted business with a case worker to help shepherd them through the recovery process. William Cole, president and CEO of the Baltimore Development Corp., said so far they've established a list of about 235 impacted businesses as of yesterday afternoon that could still grow. "So, it's really anything you can think of to help businesses get back open without sending them to five or six entities. We're going to managed that process for them to make it as seamless as possible," Cole said.

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Residents in riot-torn areas celebrate charges against police

Following State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby filing charges against six Baltimore police officers as a result of the death of Freddie Gray, residents took to the streets in celebration at the corner of North and Pennsylvania avenues. Standing at what was once the epicenter of a riot, residents expressed hope and basked in a moment of victory before the long legal process begins.

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Businesses close early, soldier on in face of protests

A few large planters along West Pratt Street in front of Luna Del Sea restaurant remained smashed on the sidewalk on Monday afternoon, and two windows at a Subway eatery next door were bashed out and boarded over. These were a few of the lingering reminders of damage caused when protests over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who was injured in police custody, got out of hand on Saturday. But Luna Del Sea owner Tony Assadi, sitting at the bar of his restaurant enjoying a late lunch, wasn’t intimidated by the weekend’s violence. He said he refused to close his restaurant Saturday because there was a private party scheduled that evening — so he just called in his own security to keep customers safe “Nothing is going to stop me,” Assadi said.

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