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Riot raises questions, sadness for AG Frosh

As a state senator, Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh advocated for the presentment of arrested individuals before district court commissioners without undue delay. Now, as the state's top lawyer, he has been called on to decide just how much time the Constitution permits for presentment when a city’s police force is trying to quell a riot.

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Harmed by riots, small businesses now face a curfew

Casey Yang, owner of Coffee-Land, usually closes his shop downtown at about 5 p.m. and is out the door about 15 minutes later. But on Monday, there were a few late sandwich orders that kept the store open longer and delayed his going home. That delay proved to be fateful. As he was preparing to leave, he noticed a group of teenagers gathering in front of his store on Charles Street downtown. Yang, 54, felt the situation was dangerous so he locked his door and hid in a corner. But the group of about 20 teenagers saw him, smashed the glass door; demanded money; ransacked the store; hit him in the head with a container; and stole his briefcase. Despite the ordeal, he plans to open his doors again on Wednesday and dismissed the idea of relocating the shop. "We have to keep [the] business here. We have no choice," Yang said. Small businesses throughout the city, even those that haven't been directly impacted by the riots, are hurting as a result of the destruction that started on Saturday, and erupted into full scale riots on Monday. The violence comes as an off shoot of anger over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray from injuries suffered while in the Baltimore Police Department's custody.

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Rioting could raise stakes for Mosby’s decision following Freddie Gray investigation

When former state’s attorney Gregg L. Bernstein announced charges would not be brought against police officers in two high-profile brutality cases, almost all of the reaction and fallout was confined to Baltimore. But with the death of Freddie Gray and Monday’s rioting garnering international attention, all eyes will be on Bernstein’s successor whenever she announces if charges will be filed against any police officers.

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JHU cancels Tuesday classes; others adjust schedules

The Johns Hopkins University has canceled its classes in Baltimore City for Tuesday and Tuesday evening, citing an “abundance of caution” regarding safety in the city following Monday’s riots. Officials had no specific information about threats to the Hopkins community ...

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