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Rules committee proposes stricter process for confidential e-filing

The Maryland Judiciary has proposed new rules to crack down on potential misuse of an electronic filing feature that allows attorneys to shield documents from public view. The Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure fast-tracked the ...

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New administrative review process approved for court record access

ANNAPOLIS — The latest round of amendments to rules governing access to court records aims to resolve disputes faster and with less expense. The Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure voted Friday to approve changes that ...

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Court of Appeals approves rule to let state vacate unjust convictions

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland’s highest court adopted a rule Tuesday to establish a process to allow prosecutors to move to vacate convictions they feel they can no longer stand behind. The Court of Appeals, with only six members present due to ...

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Judicial discipline rule amendments prompted by Judge Devy Russell

Proposed amendments to the Maryland Rules would allow the Court of Appeals to place judges on administrative leave or even suspend them without pay during disciplinary proceedings, changes prompted by the situation in Baltimore involving now-retired Judge Devy Patterson Russell. ...

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Baltimore prosecutors ready to file 800 motions to vacate convictions

ANNAPOLIS — Baltimore prosecutors are preparing to file nearly 800 motions to vacate convictions that relied significantly on testimony from corrupt police officers under a new law that takes effect Oct. 1. Deputy State’s Attorney Janice Bledsoe told the Court ...

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Rules Committee to consider letting foreign attorneys act as consultants in Md.

The Rules Committee is considering an amendment to the Maryland Attorneys Rules of Professional Conduct on the unauthorized practice of law that would allow foreign attorneys to act as consultants and work with a Maryland attorneys in legal disputes. The ...

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