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Another state’s civil union qualifies for Maryland divorce, court says

The Court of Appeals builiding in Annapolis. MF-D 9/20/04.

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland divorce law can tear asunder a same-sex civil union that another state has brought together, Maryland’s second-highest court has ruled. In a reported 3-0 decision, the Court of Special Appeals said Maryland will regard a civil union ...

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Frosh supports same-sex couple in Supreme Court case

Releasing the names of people applying for licenses to open abortion clinics would force ‘those providers, their families, their patients and their communities to live in a climate of fear,’ Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh wrote in court papers asking the Court of Appeals to uphold lower-court rulings permitting the redaction of the names under the ‘substantial injury’ exception of the state’s Public Information Act.
(The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Business owners must put aside their religious objections to same-sex marriage and comply with state laws prohibiting discrimination against gays and lesbians in providing goods and services, Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh said this week in joining a U.S. Supreme ...

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Md. top court recognizes ‘de facto’ parents in landmark decision

‘We are thrilled and very excited for our client and for same-sex couples throughout Maryland now that Maryland law recognizes the lived realities of their families,’ said Jer Welter, deputy director and managing attorney at FreeState Justice, the lawyer for a transgender man who successfully asked the Court of Appeals to recognize ‘de facto parenthood.’ (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Maryland’s top court holds that an adult so intimately connected to a child’s upbringing can be regarded as a “de facto parent” and entitled to visitation and a share of custody so long as the best interests of the child are served.

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Md. high court reconsiders ‘de facto’ parentage in same-sex divorce case

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Maryland’s top court heard arguments Tuesday on whether the former same-sex partner of a child’s mother has the parental right of custody and visitation because the decision to conceive the child was mutual and the couple married – but later divorced – after the child’s birth.

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