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same-sex marriage

Jan 9, 2012

Law blog roundup

Happy Monday! Here are some links to peruse while you figure out how you’re going to survive your first five-day work week in what feels like four months: An interesting counterfeit policy and one poor, poor violin Something else to think about as the Maryland General Assembly once again takes up the issue of same-sex […]

Jan 5, 2012

Same-sex marriage, lead paint top legal issues

Maryland will become the next state to permit same-sex couples to marry this year if Gov. Martin O’Malley’s new pledge of support for the legislation is worth at least the few Democratic House votes by which the measure fell short in 2011. The General Assembly’s focus on the same-sex marriage issue in 2012 will supplant, […]

Jan 3, 2012

Del. counties processing civil union applications

DOVER, Del. — Clerk’s office in Delaware’s three counties reported only minor problems as they began processing applications for same-sex civil unions. A new law authorizing same-sex civil unions took effect Jan. 1, but officials did not begin taking applications in all three counties until Tuesday, when government offices reopened after the holiday weekend. Sussex […]

Nov 30, 2011

Coalition created to oppose same-sex marriage in Md.

TEMPLE HILLS — A number of organizations announced the creation of a new interfaith coalition on Wednesday that will oppose same-sex marriage during the 2012 General Assembly session in Annapolis. A bill to legalize same-sex marriage was narrowly defeated in 2011. Both sides started preparing immediately for 2012, and vowed to return more organized and […]

Oct 3, 2011

O’Malley promotes same-sex marriage bill

Gov. Martin O’Malley has taken to Youtube to promote his support of same-sex marriage legislation in Maryland. O’Malley, who had previously supported civil unions, said in July he would back a bill that would extend equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. After staying on the sidelines of the debate in the spring, O’Malley has been […]

Sep 25, 2011

Supreme Court set for ‘term of the century’

WASHINGTON — This U.S. Supreme Court term has all the makings of a blockbuster, with issues such as the constitutionality of the federal health care reform law, the ability of states to pass tough immigration enforcement laws and same-sex marriage rights all set to fall squarely at the court’s doorstep. And those are just the […]

Sep 6, 2011

Law blog roundup

Welcome to a special Tuesday edition of the law blog roundup. California’s Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether Prop 8 supporters can appeal the overturned same-sex marriage ban. A Maryland judge weighs in on the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act. Chatter on law school rankings, and how Phoebe Haddon rationalizes playing to rankings. […]

Aug 11, 2011

Census: Maryland same-sex couples increased 51 percent

ANNAPOLIS — New census data shows a 51 percent increase in the number of same-sex couples in Maryland in the last decade. Data from the 2010 census released Thursday indicates there are 16,987 same-sex households in the state. That’s up from 11,243 households in the 2000 census. Gary Gates, a demographer with the Williams Institute […]

Jul 25, 2011

Law blog roundup

Adding a little more sizzle to last week’s sweltering heat,  Baltimore attorney Barry Glazer, famed for his audacious commercials, got some attention from Above the Law. See below for more of what’s heating up the legal world. Attorneys suit up. Thomas Jefferson School of Law is testing the “I’m rubber, you’re glue…” theory in the class […]

Jul 21, 2011

O’Malley to outline plans for gay marriage bill

ANNAPOLIS — Gov. Martin O’Malley is scheduled to talk about his plans to push harder for same-sex marriage legislation in Maryland. O’Malley, a Democrat, will hold a news conference on Friday afternoon to talk about how he will support legislation in the next regular session of the General Assembly in January. The governor has said […]

Jul 20, 2011

Senate panel holds hearing on DOMA repeal

WASHINGTON — Proponents of same-sex marriage are likening their cause to the civil rights battles, calling once more for repeal of a 1996 law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The new pleas came Wednesday at a hearing the Senate Judiciary Committee held on legislation that would repeal the Defense of […]

Jul 12, 2011

Maryland gay marriage supporters launch coalition

ANNAPOLIS — Gay marriage supporters in Maryland rekindled debate over legalizing same-sex marriage in the state on Tuesday by announcing a new coalition to push for legislation next year. The announcement prompted opponents to say they’ll be back in Annapolis to maintain the state’s current marriage laws while Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration expressed support for [&hell[...]

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