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Special Tuesday law blog round-up

Welcome back from the long weekend. Since we didn’t have a Monday workday this week, here’s your special Tuesday edition of the law blog round-up: On his Art of Advocacy blog, Paul Mark Sandler reprints an article he and Judge ...

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Saul Ewing sees profits rise, but at what cost?

I bet a lot of firms would love to have the kind of growth in profits per equity partner that Saul Ewing had last year. According to the Legal Intelligencer, the firm saw a jump of 14.5 percent in this ...

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One costly expense report

My expense report consists primarily of parking receipts and courthouse document copies. So I was impressed when I read a former legal secretary charged more than $46,000 on a company credit card to finance her side business – male exotic dancers. Jarriette Richie, 41, ...

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