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U.S. courts freeze assets of 19 mortgage relief firms sued for scams

WASHINGTON — Three federal courts have frozen assets of 19 companies accused of scamming vulnerable homeowners at risk of foreclosure. The Federal Trade Commission filed the requests in Florida, Ohio and California against the companies that are accused of promising ...

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Phished on Facebook

I got a chat message on Facebook this morning from one of my FB friends, with whom I hadn’t spoken in, oh, three years. I guess that’s not unbelievably unusual, but I had friended the guy a while back, and ...

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One costly expense report

My expense report consists primarily of parking receipts and courthouse document copies. So I was impressed when I read a former legal secretary charged more than $46,000 on a company credit card to finance her side business – male exotic dancers. Jarriette Richie, 41, ...

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