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Mar 19, 2018

Maryland court officials warn about ‘bench warrant’ scam

Maryland court administrators are warning residents about a scam enticing them to pay hundreds of dollars to avoid arrest.

Oct 9, 2012

U.S. courts freeze assets of 19 mortgage relief firms sued for scams

WASHINGTON — Three federal courts have frozen assets of 19 companies accused of scamming vulnerable homeowners at risk of foreclosure. The Federal Trade Commission filed the requests in Florida, Ohio and California against the companies that are accused of promising relief to distressed homeowners and then charging them thousands of dollars for little or no […]

Sep 28, 2012

He must have felt entitled

What do sentencing guidelines say about chutzpah?

Sep 14, 2012

‘Warrior Lawyer’ launches Facebook attack

Baltimore's "Warrior Lawyer" is waging battle a little farther south down I-95.

Jul 9, 2012

Glass ceiling?

For many journalists, making the transition into a law career is an easy, if not common one. That is, unless you are disgraced former reporter Stephen Glass. Glass made waves in the media world in 1998 after it was discovered that 42 of the articles he had written for The New Republic in two years […]

Jan 30, 2012

Tech companies team up to combat email scams

NEW YORK — Google, Facebook and other big tech companies are jointly designing a system for combating email scams known as phishing. Such scams try to trick people into giving away passwords and other personal information by sending emails that look as if they come from a legitimate bank, retailer or other business. When Bank […]

Aug 26, 2011

Better Business Bureau: Beware of rogue contractors

The Better Business Bureau | Greater Maryland has issued an alert, cautioning Maryland residents to anticipate a spike in scams by door-to-door “rogue contractors” who solicit home repair business following an event such as Hurricane Irene. The BBB and government agencies frequently receive a high volume of reports of post-disaster rip-offs that come and go […]

Nov 8, 2010

Law blog roundup

Welcome back! Time to catch up on some law-related tidbits: In a rough divorce, who gets to keep the friends? Even good doctors make mistakes — and doctors who do work on superstar athletes are not immune from malpractice lawsuits. Consumers struggling with payments really have to be on the lookout these days for scammers,  […]

Oct 28, 2009

Phished on Facebook

I got a chat message on Facebook this morning from one of my FB friends, with whom I hadn’t spoken in, oh, three years. I guess that’s not unbelievably unusual, but I had friended the guy a while back, and those types of conversations usually happen within minutes of friending someone. You know … what […]

Sep 9, 2009

One costly expense report

My expense report consists primarily of parking receipts and courthouse document copies. So I was impressed when I read a former legal secretary charged more than $46,000 on a company credit card to finance her side business – male exotic dancers. Jarriette Richie, 41, was charged in Washington, D.C. federal court with fraud last week, according to The Washington […]

Mar 27, 2009

Spam goes low tech

Maybe this is new to me because I’m not a “Director/CEO,” but I do get letters like this all the time in my email. My wife (who actually is a “Director/CEO”) got this letter by snail mail on Friday. Is this a new phenomenon? Are scammers/spammers going back to the future?

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