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Baltimore police chief apologizes, city settles Harlem Park lockdown lawsuit

Baltimore’s police commissioner has apologized for the department’s six-day lockdown of the city’s Harlem Park section following a detective’s 2017 shooting death, saying the controversial law enforcement action was grossly improper and damaged the public’s trust, according to attorneys for ...

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ACLU files lawsuit on behalf of residents over ’17 police lockdown

Four residents of the Harlem Park neighborhood filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department Monday, alleging the six-day lockdown instituted after the 2017 death of Det. Sean Suiter was unconstitutional. The ACLU of Maryland and an attorney ...

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‘Lawyers on the Rocks’ podcast mixes insight with drinks

After a long day representing clients in high-stakes cases, Jeremy Eldridge and his two ENLawyers partners — Kurt Nachtman and Adam Crandell — like to wind down with a mixed drink. And, once every two weeks, they record an installment ...

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Lawyer raises new questions about slain Baltimore detective

A lawyer for two men whose federal convictions were recently overturned is raising fresh questions about an April 2010 incident that led to their convictions on bogus drug charges and involved a Baltimore detective fatally gunned down last month just as he was set to testify before a grand jury investigating indicted police colleagues.

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