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Maryland lawmakers start second special session

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland lawmakers convened for the year’s second special session Thursday to consider a significant expansion of gambling in the state to raise more revenue and create jobs. The measure, which is tailored to make Maryland more competitive with ...

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Coin show tax credit lives

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland General Assembly is poised to retain an imperiled 22-year-old tax break for collectible coin dealers, which Gov. Martin O’Malley had sought to eliminate in next year’s budget. An Atlanta company threatened to move three annual Baltimore ...

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Bill would boost film tax credit program

ANNAPOLIS — John Latenser missed his family while working out of state, but the film location manager with 18 years of experience had to make a living. So after Maryland tax credits for film production companies were eliminated in 2008, ...

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House committee does away with 5.75 percent top tax rate

ANNAPOLIS — Fewer taxpayers would be affected by an income tax increase approved Monday under a House panel’s plan then one approved by the state Senate last week. The House plan also rejected the idea of applying the state’s sales tax ...

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Senate budget chair defends proposed tax hikes

ANNAPOLIS — A proposal to raise Maryland income taxes may be distasteful to many, but there does not appear to be much appetite to balance the budget long-term through spending reductions alone, a state senator who chairs a key budget ...

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