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Tag Archives: Sept. Term 2012

John Melvin Honesty-Bey v. State of Maryland

1. Was it an abuse of discretion to exclude a defense character witness who had heard fact witnesses testify, and to advise the accused that, even if there were no sequestration violation, the character witness’s testimony would be restricted to “reputation”? 2. On jury voir dire, was it error to fail to ask the mandatory Defense-Witness and State-Witness questions?

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Langley Eugene Willis v. State of Maryland

1. Must the convictions in this case be reversed because the trial court failed to “determine[] and announce[] on the record” that appellant’s waiver of his right to a jury trial was made knowingly and voluntarily, as required by Maryland Rule 4-246 (b)? 2. Is the evidence sufficient to sustain appellant’s convictions for resisting arrest, second degree escape, and possession of equipment used to produce controlled dangerous substances?

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Ingham Andre Defreitas v. State of Maryland

Is a defendant entitled, upon request, to an instruction expressly informing the jury that the State has the burden of proving each element of every charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt and did the lower court err in refusing to give the requested instruction?

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Tavon Garner v. State of Maryland

In this consolidated appeal, appellants Devin Crawford and Tavon Garner challenge their respective convictions for two counts, each, of first-degree assault. The convictions resulted from a multi-week jury trial in which the appellants were tried jointly, along with three other defendants, in connection with two violent incidents at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC).

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