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Tag Archives: Sept. Term 2012

Devin Crawford v. State of Maryland

In this consolidated appeal, appellants Devin Crawford and Tavon Garner challenge their respective convictions for two counts, each, of first-degree assault. The convictions resulted from a multi-week jury trial in which the appellants were tried jointly, along with three other defendants, in connection with two violent incidents at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC).

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Brandon Cash Morris v. State of Maryland

1. Must Mr. Morris’s conviction be reversed in light of the fact that the trial court failed to make an on the record finding, as required by Maryland Rule 4-246, that Mr. Morris’s waiver of his right to a jury trial was made knowingly and voluntarily? 2. Did the trial court err when it denied Mr. Morris’s motion to suppress?

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Kerrin S. Smith (f/k/a Kerrin S. Avedon) v. Robert P. Avedon

1. Did the trial court err in excluding from marital property a portion of the good will in Husband’s insurance brokerage company? 2. Did the trial court commit clear error in determining appellee’s yearly income to be $265,000 as of the date of divorce? 3. Did the trial court abuse its discretion in declining to award Wife indefinite alimony?

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After the trial judge ensured that the plea agreement was entered into knowingly and voluntarily and described the sentence for each indictment, the court proceeded to sentence Fishback. In doing so, the judge misstated the case numbers pertaining to each indictment. Fishback appeals

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