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The appropriate procedure to challenge the requirement of registering on the State’s sex offender registry would be through a civil action for declaratory judgment. Such relief is not available via a motion in a criminal case.. Because Sinclair is dispositive, we shall vacate the circuit court’s judgment, and remand this case to that court with directions to dismiss appellant’s motion. This disposition affects only the instant criminal case, because the relief sought is simply not available in this cause.

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Despite win, former teacher still on sex offender registry

A man who the state’s top court said should be removed from the sex offender registry has not yet been taken off the list, according to a motion filed in Washington County Circuit Court.

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Pastor could lose job over husband’s sex crime

We’ve been following the story of Elizabeth Gilchrest for several months now. Gilchrest is the woman who accused her father, David Smith, of sexually abusing her when she was a child. The case ultimately led to a major change in ...

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Victim celebrates sex-offender bill signing

Regular readers of The Daily Record may remember our coverage during the legislative session of a bill aimed at closing a “loophole” in Maryland’s sex-offender registry law. Sex offenders who committed their crimes before either 1995 or 1997, depending on ...

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