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No, Mayor Dixon didn’t say that

A few news organizations, including The Sun, were fooled today by a prank Web site carrying a message that purported to be from Mayor Sheila Dixon. The backstory is this: a British official compared the city of Manchester, which has ...

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Free stuff at MACo, down but not out

The Maryland Association of Counties summer conference is a little bit subdued, as I thought it might be. However, the exhibit halls are still full and the conference rooms appear well-attended. One of the interesting things I always check out ...

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Corruption trials, Chicago-style

Greetings from Chicago and the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting through a Maryland-focused lens! First, just let me say, the public art and architecture is jaw-dropping, the deep-dish pizza is jaw-inspiring, and the water in Lake Michigan — well, I ...

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Corruption co-counsel

A pending motion to unseal more of the corruption case against former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell Sr. and his wife, Mary Pat, comes at a curious time (even aside from how it fits in with the movant-intervenor William C. ...

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The incredible high-hoopin’ Dixon family

By now many of you are surely circulating NCAA basketball tournament brackets around your offices, collecting money for betting pools, reading online bracketology articles and otherwise gearing up for March Madness and all that comes with it. And most college ...

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Yeah, we know about shoe-politics

Yesterday’s news that an Iraqi journalist took off both of his shoes and hurled them at President Bush after a press conference in Baghdad falls upon Baltimore ears with striking familiarity – around here, we know that shoes are a ...

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