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What will Md. Gov. Hogan do now?

The ball is now in Gov. Larry Hogan’s court. Legislators closed out the 2015 General Assembly session passing a budget that, while containing no tax increases, was not the preferred plan of the new Republican governor. Furthermore, those same legislators passed supporting legislation that seeks to paint Hogan into a corner and force him to choose between spending non-mandatory education money this year or locking future governors into a mandate starting in 2017. The biggest question: Will the governor spend $200 million fenced off by lawmakers to pay for a non-mandatory education, state employee raises promised by former Gov. Martin J. O’Malley and a host of other priorities important to the Democratically controlled House and Senate?

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2013 Maryland General Assembly adjourns Sine Die

With most big ticket items passed days and weeks ago, the General Assembly session strolled to a close Monday night, concluding a session when the legislature agreed to repeal the death penalty, increase the gas tax, develop comprehensive gun control legislation and incentivize development of offshore wind energy.

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