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Sneaky marketing

Or, rather, what public relations folks call “getting your constituency to work for you.” I attended a discussion this morning hosted by the Public Relations Society of America on how marketers are using social networking to promote tourism and the ...

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What’s your specialty?

Marylander Carolyn Elefant at My Shingle weighs in on how lawyers should handle the “specialties” field on LinkedIn. Many state bars, including Maryland’s, have rules forbidding a lawyer from holding him or herself out as a “specialist.” Elefant writes: Eric ...

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Can’t find a job? Try again.

If you’re looking for work and frustrated at the local offerings, I’ve got news for you: it doesn’t get better than here. Via Lifehacker come these figures on job market competition in June of this year. has compared the ...

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Lockheed’s social network follows in industry footsteps

I’m at the beginning of a new, three-year commitment to earn a master’s in I.T., and my weekends are spent immersed in my textbook, “Management Information Systems.” Yawn, right? It just so happens that the “real world examples” are – ...

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Tweets from O.C.

Missing the beach this week? Can’t make it to the MSBA’s Annual Meeting? You can follow up-to-the-minute happenings by following @mddailyrecord and @TDRDanny on Twitter. Legal Affairs Reporter Danny Jacobs and Web Editor Jackie Sauter will be using the #msbaconf ...

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Connecting with: John Lange, marketing director

This is the fourth in an occasional series of interviews with local businesspeople who blog or use social media to promote themselves or their industry. Our goal is to show the business and legal community how to harness the power ...

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