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Sodexo extends 2 major contracts with oil and gas clients

French firm Sodexo SA, which has its American headquarters in Gaithersburg, announced Monday it had expanded its contracts with oil and gas clients Seadrill Ltd. and Royal Dutch Shell PLC. The Seadrill contract spans 5 years and is worth 200 million euros ...

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Sodexo launches bistro-style dining option for senior communities

Gaithersburg-based Sodexo USA plans in October to launch a new restaurant option to supplement dining services in the senior living communities it serves. The idea, which the company calls Bistro 464, is named for the Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 ...

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Sodexo’s e-recycling results in grants for disabled farmers

Gaithersburg-based Sodexo Inc. has reached a milestone in its e-waste recycling program that results in grants for disabled farmers. Since 2007, the firm’s employees have collected used cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, video game consoles and printer cartridges for recycling, and donated ...

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Sodexo chosen to bid for DoD medical facilities support tasks

Gaithersburg-based Sodexo Inc. has been selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a prime contractor to support Department of Defense medical facilities with operations and maintenance services around the world. Sodexo anticipates that it will bid on and ...

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Sodexo commits to small business

Sodexo Inc., of Gaithersburg, a quality of life services company, has committed to spending $1 billion on goods and services from small and medium-sized businesses by 2017 as a Commitment to Action at Monday’s Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in ...

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Sodexo cafeteria workers regain health coverage

A giant food service company unexpectedly reversed course Thursday after bumping thousands of college cafeteria workers from its health plan earlier this year and pointing a finger at President Barack Obama's overhaul.

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