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Baltimore suspends speed, red light cameras

Baltimore has temporarily suspended its troubled speed and red-light camera program. The city’s Department of Transportation announced the suspension in a statement Tuesday afternoon. The statement noted that two “clerical mistakes” involving citations had been found. Acting transportation director Frank ...

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Top court gives speed-camera suit a red light

Despite being unpopular to the point of people taking bats and rocks to them, speed cameras in one Maryland county are not going anywhere after the Court of Appeals last week upheld the dismissal of a class action lawsuit that challenged their legality.

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Week in review: 3/23/12

High court rules against Md. man A former court employee’s $1 million lawsuit has ended in the U.S. Supreme Court, which held that states cannot be sued under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act’s self-care provision. Daniel Coleman, once the ...

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Top court to hear case challenging ACS’ cut of speed-camera revenue

Maryland’s top court has agreed to decide whether motorists can challenge Montgomery County’s speed-camera system, which is budgeted to bring in $10 million this fiscal year, on the grounds that it illegally gives the lead contractor a cut of the ...

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