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Contract appeals board: Calvert Co. SHA project solicitation defective

The bidding process last year for a contract to improve Route 2/4 in Calvert County violated state procurement laws, according to a state board that decides bid and contract disputes. The Maryland Board of Contract Appeals ruled Feb. 6 that the solicitation for the ...

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Maryland shows off new snow plow and infrared reader

HANOVER — The Maryland State Highway Administration is preparing for winter with improved technology that the agency said will clear roads more efficiently, curb salt usage and provide more information to drivers. The highway agency on Wednesday demonstrated an infrared ...

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Maryland to seek tech solutions to reduce I-270 gridlock

WASHINGTON — Maryland is looking for new high-tech ways to reduce gridlock on one of the most congested highways in the Washington suburbs. The Washington Post reports the state’s highway agency says it will ask companies to propose their solutions ...

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Regulations, taxes called harmful to Maryland business climate

A coalition of county and local officials and economic development directors said the state's business climate suffers at the hands of regulatory agencies and a non-competitive tax structure.

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Md. removing invasive plants from highway medians

ANNAPOLIS — Bill Hubbard of Ferndale was driving home from work when he noticed the beautiful scenery he had become accustomed to was missing. Off to the sides of Route 100, it was completely leveled off. Everything was gone. “They ...

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