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State politicians, agencies prepare for Hurricane Sandy

There may be nothing that sends government agencies and elected officials to their email lists with greater haste than an impending natural disaster.

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Eye Opener: Health care execs talk Affordable Care Act

It’s time for a midday version of the Eye Opener, after my eyes were only open for a pair of early-morning meetings. Aside from highways buckling under the pressure of last week’s oppressive heat, here’s what else is going on ...

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Heat’s costs adding up

Weathering this month’s oppressive heat wave, with day after blistering day of near-record mercury readings, was enough to make one crack. Finally, U.S. Route 50 did. A 50-foot portion of the concrete east-west highway that connects the Washington, D.C., suburbs ...

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Pedestrian safety program launched in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY — The State Highway Administration has launched a program to reduce jaywalking across Coastal Highway in Ocean City. The three-year pilot program will use newly designed sidewalk markings about 10 feet from three intersections on Coastal Highway that ...

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Bill would penalize agencies that repeat audit findings

ANNAPOLIS — Legislation that would strip state agencies of a portion of their budget should they have repeat audit findings would add teeth to such legislative audits, the bill’s sponsor said Tuesday. If passed, the state could realize significant savings ...

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