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Steven I. Platt: What to make of Charleston (access required)

President Obama lamented and vented, not necessarily in that order, the senseless and tragic slaughter of nine innocent people in their church in Charleston, South Carolina, by a deranged and racist also not necessarily in that order individual, whose racist ...

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Steven I. Platt: Make Congress stick to the subject (access required)

As the executive and legislative branches of our federal government approach yet another “crisis” that they created by setting up a partial government shutdown of one of our most important departments — Homeland Security — our “leaders” are, as usual, spending too much time developing talking points and not enough time figuring out how to make our increasingly fragile representative democracy work.

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Steven I. Platt: Should we scrap the grand jury? (access required)

As the Ferguson, Missouri, community along with the rest of the country reacts to the decision of the St. Louis County grand jury not to indict police officer Darren Wilson, the secrecy of its deliberations for months and the lack of accountability that has inevitably accompanied it should raise serious questions about the utility of the aging institution of the grand jury.

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Steven I. Platt: Do we get answers we need from candidates? (access required)

As the general election for governor and virtually all of the state and local offices in our state except the Baltimore mayor and City Council approach, it is clearer than ever how the manner in which campaigns are conducted affects the initiation and implementation of public policy once the election is over.

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