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Anne Arundel council overrides stormwater fee veto

ANNAPOLIS — The Anne Arundel County Council has voted to override the county executive’s veto of a stormwater remediation fee and will now consider emergency legislation to modify the fee. The new legislation introduced Wednesday would lower the commercial properties ...

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Report: Bay stormwater pollution costs can be cut

RICHMOND, Va. — A new report says there are cost-effective ways for local governments to reduce stormwater pollution going into the Chesapeake Bay. The report says local governments could possibly reduce their costs by 50 percent to 85 percent by ...

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Businesses fear huge bills from stormwater fee

ANNAPOLIS — Bill Blanchett crunched some numbers and cringed. Under legislation pending before the County Council, which would charge property owners to help pay for stormwater pollution cleanup, he’ll get an annual bill in excess of $20,000 for one of ...

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