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Frosh joins AGs seeking enforcement of student loan Borrower Defense Rule

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh joined 17 other state attorneys general in a lawsuit to force the Department of Education to enforce the Borrower Defense Rule. That rule would make it easier for students who attend for-profit colleges using federal ...

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Exploring ways to manage student loan debt and take out a mortgage

The college class of 2017 likely graduated last month with more student debt than any class before them. As college costs rise, declining homeownership rates have been named a casualty of the rising student debt. But even when a graduate ...

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A graduate with debt? Md. housing chief might have a home to sell you

OCEAN CITY — Maryland Secretary of Housing and Community Development Ken Holt will seek sweeping changes in how his agency is run, and he has proposed helping graduates with high student loan debt buy houses. The secretary made the announcement at the ...

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GOP blocks Senate debate on Democrats’ student loan bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic bill Tuesday to preserve low interest rates for millions of college students’ loans, as the two parties engaged in election-year choreography aimed at showing each is the better protector of families in today’s ...

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GOP ignores veto threat, passes student loan bill

WASHINGTON — Republicans ignored a veto threat and overcame a rebellion by party conservatives to push a bill through the House Friday keeping interest rates on millions of federal student loans from doubling this summer. Lawmakers voted 215-195 to approve ...

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Baltimore International College remains open for now

Baltimore International College will not be closing immediately, its board of trustees said Thursday, but its future could lie in merging with another institution or appealing the pending loss of a critical accreditation. The statement ended a day and a ...

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